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Enrichment Specialist

Looking for a Community Service Opportunity? Gateway Community Health needs you.  Our Enrichment Specialists provide instruction in culturally enriching activities for adults.  These activities may include arts and crafts, fitness, music, spoken word, woodworking, book club, culinary arts, games, and more.  Gateway seeks energetic, outgoing students who will bring positivity and good vibes to our participants.

Gateway participants live in a drug and alcohol-free environment. Individuals with mental health and substance use disorders often find this to be challenging.  Our Enrichment Specialists will offer Gateway participants an opportunity to express themselves through arts.

Preferred Candidates:
        •       Will have strong social skills, communication skills, and "Job" like patience
        •       Will be able to work with a diverse group of adults
        •       Will  be able to work independently,
        •       Will be able to coordinate, plan and execute activitiesé

How to Apply: Send your resumé and cover letter to

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