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Gateway Community Health is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals by intersecting emotional and social support and recovery-centric services with academic enrichment and workforce preparation. Gateway Community Health, in partnership with Love Cathedral Community Church, offers Christian education focusing on social skill building, academic enrichment, and workforce preparation.


Gateway Community Health under the direction of Love Cathedral Community Church has formed the
Love Cathedral Adult Education Academy. Together we are working to improve the lives of individuals seeking adult education opportunities in an environment that offers cognitive development through teaching and that supports rehabilitation and recovery from addiction and related mental health issues without the associated stigma.

Gateway Community Health connects individuals with mental health service providers. Our clinical partners are licensed mental health care providers that adhere to the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) criteria of strength-based multi-dimensional assessments.


Gateway Community Health offers quality care and rehabilitative services in a sober living school environment.  We service adults coping with mental health and substance use disorders.  Gateway connects enrolled students with licensed service providers who offer Crisis Stabilization, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling, Substance Abuse Recovery, Intensive Outpatient, Therapeutic Day Treatment, and Mental Health Skill Building. Individualized treatment plans are developed with personal goals in mind.  Trauma-informed care is offered to all individuals seeking treatment emphasizing cognitive, physical, psychological, and emotional safety and empowerment. We strive to provide respectful and compassionate support to everyone we serve.

Gateway Community Health is committed in policy, principle, and practice to maintaining an environment which prohibits discriminatory behavior and provides equal opportunity for all persons. Gateway affirms its commitment to provide a welcoming and respectful work and educational environment, in which all individuals may benefit from each other's experiences and foster mutual respect and appreciation of divergent views. Gateway prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law in in any aspect of the access to, admission, or treatment of students in its programs and activities, or in employment and application for employment. Furthermore, Gateway prohibits harassment of students and employees, i.e., racial harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation for filing complaints of discrimination. 

Your Pathway to Success

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Our Mission

To provide quality service and coordination of care for all within our program.
To assist with temporary and permanent housing.
To assist with gainful and long-term employment.
To educate and train in healthy living.




Our Mission

Our Vision

To offer strategic and comprehensive human services that will allow our clients to confront and address challenges caused by mental illness and substance abuse. To ultimately reduce the rate of incarceration, recidivism, and related criminal incidents committed as a result of one or more mental health disorders.

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